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Excuse in ignorance in shirk?

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HOT: This is Our Religion
These are simple words, which contain a clarification of how we worship Allāh in matters related to Aslud-dīn, which a person’s Islām cannot be correct without.
The Four Principles
Four important principles to understanding that not everyone who believes in Allah is a Muslim. By Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab
NEW: This is Islam
Excusively through the teachings of the Prophet the real Islam can be rediscovered in a time of extreme ignorance.
NEW: Risalah Aslu Din Al-Islam
Everyone who has not fulfilled Aslu Din Al-Islam can never be a Muslim. This Risalah contains very important information for a persons aqeedah.
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Taken and translated from the book "Aslu Din Al-Islam wa huwa At-Tawhid war-Risalah" compiled by Ali bin Khudayr

Aslul-Islam with which a person enters into Islam is known by the following 7 things:

Worship and its types PDF Print E-mail


The sheikh (Ibn Taymiyyah) - rahimahullah - was asked regarding His the Mighty and Majestic’s words:

يَا أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ اُعْبُدُوا رَبَّكُمْ

”O people worship your Lord.” (Al-Baqarah 2:21)

“So what are the worship and its branches? And is all of the religion included in it or not? And what is the reality of Al-’ubudiyyah (the servitude)? And is it the highest of ranks in this world and the hereafter or is there something above it in rank? Please explain what is said regarding this for us.”

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A condition is a necessary requirement for something to be or happen. The conditions of Tawheed are of great importance, it is compulsory on every Muslim to know and implement them in their daily lives. This is because if a person breaks one of these conditions, his Islam is nullified.

Look at Prayer for example, if one of its’ conditions like facing the Qibla (direction towards which Muslims pray) or covering the Awra is violated, then the whole Prayer is invalid.


From the conditions of Tawheed below are seven:

The meaning of Taghut PDF Print E-mail

The Imaam and Mujahhid - Muhammad bin ‘Abdil-Wahhaab

“Ma’anaa at-Taaghoot”

Section One:

Mankind’s First Obligation: Know, may Allaah have mercy on you, that the first thing Allaah obligated on the Son of Aadam is to reject the Taaghoot and believe in Allaah. The proof for this is Allaah’s saying:


“And We have indeed sent to every nation a messenger (saying to his people): ‘Worship Allaah alone and avoid the Taaghoot (false deities).” [Nahl: 16:36]



This is Islam


This is Islam

When a person looks around him he will see all these communities whom all ascribe themselves to Islām, and all of them claim to work for the sake of raising its flag and spreading it. At this point none is able to separate the truth from the falsehood and the light from the darkness, except the one who obtained the light of Allāh in his heart, and has opened up towards it and is pleased with it, so he (as a result of this) walks upon the straight path.


Risalah Aslu Din Al-Islam


Risalah Aslu Din Al-Islam

The famous Risalah Aslu Din Al-Islam (The foundation of the religion of Islam) written by Shaykh Al-Islam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab. This Risalah explain what must be fulfilled by the individual in order for him to become a Muslim and also to be considered a muslim amongst people. The Risalah is followed by the explanation of it by the grandson of the Shaykh, Abdur-Rahman Ibn Hasan. May Allah show both of them His mercy.